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Recruiting troops across the oceans and lands,
with common grace in metal faith - it is time to take a stand!
A solid vision of what has risen at hand,
we will come forth and raise our fists, salute to metal's command!
So raise your flask towards a fortunous sky!
Dream out upon, forever strong we will rise!
A force as one has band together realize,
you can't stop Goat Horn - you'll just meet your demise!
We (we are) the rotten roll revolution,
with the ultimate solution,
for our glorious shrine,
that you cannot deny!
Ya now who has come to survive,
we have a nation on a mission - of course, can't deny,
we're on our way as promised lands they arise,
a threatening force collecting cries,
driving all waste aside!
Now riding free our land has shifted the tide,
before all war we stand forever the force shall subside,
break like the wind and sail the waves full of pride,
our breath shall never settle,
for we are made of heavy metal!
We (we are) the rotten roll revolution,
with the ultimate solution,
and our glory will shine,
and there's no place to hide!
We rot - for warning courses are taught.
On top - our calling kind are sought.
To fight - disloyal patrons with might.
Far wide - we take the longer stride.
Abide - in collective thrive.
Upside - allied we will provide.
We (we are) the rotten roll revolution,
heavy metal is our solution,
and it's glory will shine,
you've got nowhere to hide!

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