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Gimme Your - text


This is a confession from a man undercover
His famous son really wants the scene to apperal
So dont just stand with your mouth open wide
Cause nobody else is gonna come help me know, hey
Gimme your
Ahahahahhhh, gimme your
Gimme your
Ahhh, gimme your keys to your house
Give me all that you got
Just leave it all to me before my (something) gets hot
A schoolboy lost in a world of emotions
Touch is runnig
Its running out of time, ohhh
Ahahahahhh, gimme your
Come on and gimme your
Gimme your

So dont take a second
Look back over your shoulder
Tell your mama, your doing allright
So mama will know what going on in your television
A box of emotions will make up your decision
Come on, come on, come on, and gimme your
Ahahahahh, and gimme your
Yeah, gimme your
Come on, gimme your some of thoes sweet hands

Now gimme your
Ahahahahhh, gimme your
Gimme your
Hey, gimme your
Start living!

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