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My very own church - text


Words and music by Jamison J. Statema
© 2002 Found Free Music (ASCAP)
Administered by Fun Attic Music

If I had a church this is what I’d do
I’d put a pop machine in the back of every pew
And we would only sing songs that were picked by me
And we would get out just in time to watch football on tv

At my church, whoa
I’m talkin’ ‘bout my very own church
At my church, whoa
I’m singin’ ‘bout my very own church
Yes, if I had a church there’s a lot I’d do
I’d make sure everyone was nice and I would be nice too
And the very best thing I’m happy to report
Is everybody would love God,
Yet the sermons would be short!

With my bulletin the usher would give me some Taco Bell
And perhaps a little something with a crunchy candy shell
And when the sermons over and our time is at an end
We’ll be countin’ down the minutes ‘til we can once again attend...

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