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Ladybug - text


Words and music by Jamison J. Statema
© 2002 Found Free Music (ASCAP)
Administered by Fun Attic Music

I had a brother, yes I did
I guess you could say he was a unique kid
Everyday after school he’d be playin’ outside, playin’ outside
One day I saw him in the yard
And what I saw left me permanently scarred
I just couldn’t believe the horror I saw, horror I saw
As the sun heated up
He pinned a ladybug down
He took his magnifying glass
I heard a hideous, gruesome sound

It was a ladybug fryin’ on the sidewalk
Listen to it sizzle while it burns in the sun
Ladybug fryin’ on the sidewalk
And if that bugger was a burger then it’d be well done
Well the years went by but I never forgot
About the messed up tan that insect got
What did it do to deserve to get burned like that?
Well here’s a little tip if you’re a bug
Fly away from my brother ‘cuz he’s a thug
And if your wings start to get hot – Start runnin’ with all six legs!

‘Cuz when the sun heats up
The light comes shining down
You wonder ‘what’s that smell?’
And then you hear the sound of

Poor little ladybug
You never it saw it comin’
One minute you were flyin’ around
Ladybug – You never saw it comin’
The next thing you knew you heard the hideous sound

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