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Evil wishes, unjust ambitions
Bell beckons you to your knees
Holy kingdom, corrupt intentions
Hypocrites don't hear your pleas
Different forms of religion
Blood spills, who's right, who's wrong?
Country's wrecked, now send a check
Enough belief to wage a war
Mistaken, salvation,
If I nail your ass right to the cross
To your knees, you fall to the east
Fucked if your soul can't get away
Blood, stains.
Win the spiritual lottery
If you die and I don't, will I be saved?
Hidden behind, this wall of lies
Who will save you in your time of need
as you hide behind
a grave for belief is not shallow
as your blood runs down this wall of lies
(Shaefer:) Take your own life, as other lives
Explode, and they run down this wall of lies
Who will
Save you
In your time of need
As you hide behind
A grave for belief is not shallow
As you run down this wall of lies

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