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Sleeping Ground - text

(Solo: Baker)
Intent to kill
Intent to destroy
Inside you die
Gather enough hate
Not to question why
Focus, find the will
Rifled sight
Gunshot eyes
Nervous wreck
Forced to Kill
Ignoring Hell
Alive or dead
Intent to kill
All are dressed for battle
The art of war
Found your home
Will not come back
This pine box fits you
Sleeping ground
Desperation, runs rampid
Kill or be killed
Escaping judgement
At least for now
Foxhole love
Filled with blood
Know fear here
Know your enemy
Intent will not come back
Smell of death is in the air
As they lie in the trench
You can feast your eyes
If you don't lose your legs
If you hit a mine on this lucky road
Bullets in your flesh
Napalm, spells like burning flesh
What has happened, I can't hear
If your number's up you could just
Lose your life right here!!

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