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In my mind echoes the ireful chant,
See me stand with fire in my hands!

Master, Hear now my wicked words,
As they drill the fragile cosmic plan.
In this very hour I call upon thee,
Vpon blazing forces to transgress!
May thy eternal black fire
Leads my soul to worlds afar.

Come forth, Herald of the devouring flame!
We the faithful desire your teachings

I crush the flesh, the veil, Of Demiurgic illusions!
In this very hour I call upon thee.
I praise the source of my strenght
O' ruler of all Ten
Let me be reborn into my darkest self!

And thus inspired, my spirit elevates.
Guided by your unflinching will,
My true essence will be affirmed.

In this very hour of commitment,
I utter the forbidden words
And nopw go forth with thy blessings,
To cast that spell on the livings!

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