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The Blazing Darkness (Of Luciferian Skies) - text

The blazing darkness of Luciferian skies
Vpon which no man can safely set his eyes
Was meant to be detected by spiritual means,

Hence remaining unknown to the race of men
But the blessed few which exist between -

The Human soul & Heaven,
Made gods by Sophia,
Sent and manifested as the serpent,
Bearing Lanterns of wisdom from Firmament

...An ancient and eternal struggle
For truth shall be fought on Terrestrial land,
For the servitude & allegiance of a species
Created at God's command.

Wisdom has won the war
But the fruit of her labor is yet to be seen...

...For when infinite enemies meet
On the prophecy's hill, the promised peak,
The liberated spirits, they shall purge
From the Vniverse the Demiurge

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