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Spirits in wings, a thousand seraphs bursted.
Dark flames still hovering on their baneful flight.
Death in all but the putrid breath that fell,
Refracted, through thy bounds, afar.
O Death! from the eye of Satan upon that star!
Sweet was that error – Better still than breath –
Sweet was that error – Sweeter still than death –
And there, O may my spirit dwell!
Beside your limbs & yet how far from the shell
For each star is fatal there,
And looks so desperately afflicted.
Like a thousand poisons, every blaze
shines upon my eyes and afflicted heart.
Away, Away!
- To distant spheres, I rode.
And late to ours, the favored one of God.
But now, the ruler of an infested realm,
Incense and high spiritual hymns
Leaves in debt my wretched limbs.

Text přidal Sunrise686

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