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Meet Us at the Southern Sign - text

Heralds of a deadly time yet to come
Forged over the greatness of baneful tunes

Meet us at the Southern sign!

Murderers of the former faith
Here's to your illumination!
Enemies of the Demiurge
Set your souls aflame!

Children of Darkness
Meet us at the Southern sign!
Rise now your tridents up high
As devastating chants fill up the sky

Forever defeating our prison walls
We become as one with the sinister gods
And gates and mysteries are keys that we own
For the Eye is now opened, there is but one light!

Meet us at the Southern sign!

"For what can awaken the Beast so soon
Whose sleep has been taken beneath the cold moon
As the spells which winds of witchery may cast
The rhytmical number 666 will exhort him to rise!"

Meet us at the Southern sign!

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