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Manifesting the Raging Beast - text

Cycles of hatred
Deathlike dissolution
I rode beneath thy burning eye;
In thought that can alone
Ascend, and so be
A partner of your crime.
Heralds have known,
Dreamt for thy Infinity...
Over every spot that has been by you caressed
From columns high, the raging beast awakes
And storms of retaliation unfold
Enthralled by hypnotic tones
"Forever abused..."
Softly sings the plague
Still a voice divine can sing
And this incomparable beauty
Still adorn a rotten heart, my own
Where the poison shines and boils
And in each note; emotions flung
aloft with fevered pace.
The music of my soul is sung
with tainted grace.

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Manifesting the Raging Beast

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