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Waiting for the King to come
Waiting for the Only Son.

Time has past and the Israel struggled through time.
When all the enemies are approaching.
They lived hard and drift way from their God.
They thought they'd survive with their own way.

Scripture says, God will send the One, who takes away our sin.
Scripture says, There will be a sacrifice, for all the times and for everyone.

Bethlehem - We are waiting Redeemer
Bethlehem - Our King will come soon
Bethlehem - Light will come through you
Bethlehem - Light will come through you

They remembered promises to Abraham, and trust their Father won't leave them.
When the wise men kneeled by the manger, they knew that the time had come.

There where judges and kings tried to wake, bu the sleep was so deeply tempting.
Still they heard the caring voice of God.
The Shepherd reclaims their falling.

We are waiting for our Redeemer, who rules by being so humble.
We are waiting for the Kingdom, where freedom reigns eternally.

So now we see, the Covenant is true, the Lord will keep His own Word.
So now we see, in the Bible we can trust, time after time it will stand alone.

Waiting for the King to come!

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