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I'm Still Yours - text


Been a lot of places.
And met a lot of guys.
One didn't have curly hair.
And one had pretty eyes.
But I don't know whats wrong with me,
I couldn't seem to care.
I just could not accept the love,
they offered me to share.

And I'm still yours.
I'm still yours.

I never thought when we broke up,
that you'd be haunting me.
I thought that when you let me go,
that I would just be free.
But I cant seem to tell my heart,
I can't make it understand.
There may be someone else for me,
you're not the only man.

And I'm still yours,
I'm still yours.

Oooh I'm like a slave
who's master,
cause he no longer reigns.
Although your gone,
my heart and my mind,
are still walked by your chain.
If you can't leave my heart alone
and stop toying with my soul,
then please come back.
You've got my life to mold.
To have, to hold.

And I'm still yours,
I'm still yours.

I will always be your baby."

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