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May - Why Are They Screaming at Night? - text


This morning a strange thing happened to me.
I woke up with my daughter,
she was overnight at my place.
Morning was otherwise normal as my mornings are,
but there was a kind of suffocating feeling around,
and she seemed like she was afraid of something.
So, I asked what is oppressing her mind.

She said that she is afraid of the ghost and demons
who dwell here at night,
lurking in the shadows, driving her insane,
waiting for that moment to sneak from behind.
She said to me;

"Why are they screaming at night?
I am sure you've heard them too,
that wasn't a dream, I tried to wake you up,
but you didn't wake.
What are those things that scream at night?"

Soon I started to understand what she was talking about.
They had been here, they had been here,
they had been here, they had been here.
Why are they screaming at night?
Are they ghosts, demons or are they nice?
Why are they screaming at night?
Say to them to go away from your place.
Go away...

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