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Scp-087-b - text


Worse than a giant maze.
Stuck till the end of days.
There are monsters, will they kill me downstairs?
I'm a D-class, so no one cares.

How many people did go in here?
What is this place all about?
Am I sharing that same fear?
And is there anyone who actually got out?

They send me for an exploration.
Everytime the same room gives me frustration.
Beneath a campus is the location.
And being long in here leads to hallucination.

A sign on the wall that tells me which floor.
That means someone has to been here before.
That's good but still I'm not there yet.
I have to continue until I'm dead.

Lost in here between these walls.
Never stops, those endless halls.
How do I get free.
(Don't look at me)
what do I have to do?
(behind you)

There are monsters here with a scary face.
This is the never ending staircase.
Please help me! (No) Getting out 087-B!

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