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Scp-178 - text


Well what is this? A pair of stereoscopic 3-D glasses, but what does it do?
Like expected is the view, just like others red and blue! oe-oe--oe-oeh!
But what is that?! Well, what do I see there? It's another kind of entity everywhere!
They do not move, and don't attack, but you still might watch your back!

SCP, SCP, SCP-178. It's in a very good state!
SCP, SCP, SCP-178. Don't get close or agitate!
SCP, SCP, SCP-178. Species with a heavy weight!
SCP, SCP, SCP-178. Before it is too late, unequip don't hesitate!

Text přidal PsyCHemO

Video přidal Cirax856

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