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Scp-939 - text


This is the storage that you'll reach with these elevators.
They lead you to some keter pack-based predators.
It's like they are guarding this place.
If you get to close then they will chase.
Is there something that their looking for.
Besides these two, are there roaming some more?

939 (X8)

The skin of 939 is permeable and red.
and those enormous claws will easily shred.
These species aren't easy to contain.
tough they haven't got no brain.
a spine with eye spots covering their back.
So they can know and feel where to attack.

939 (X8)

How many of them have escaped with the containment breach?
The method to lure prey is to imitate human speech.
It sounds a bit absurd.
They know your voice with one word.
a bite in the skull or neck,
probably kills you in a sec!

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