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Scp-860 - text


I just opened up a door with a blue key.
Now I'm in a place with trees surrounding me.
The door that I went through, is now locked.
And I have a feeling that i'm being stalked.

Isn't there a way to breakthrough?
It's a scary forest and the fog is blue.
I guess you'll only have one way to go.
Is it dangerous ahead well I don't know.

Hey, there lays a note on the ground!
So I'm not the only one here who's around.
Got no time to lose, let's keep moving on.
wondering where my other mate has gone.

Yellow eyes is what I often see.
But what is that in the distance watching me?
Hiding and moving behind every tree.
It's a monster that's inside this SCP.

Help me!
Out of 860!

Help me!
Out of 860!
There's a monster chasing me!
How will I ever get free?

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