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Scp-079 - text


Human. Human. Human. Human.
You need my help! You need my help! You need my help!
And I need your help!

Well can you help me then? I'm lost in here!
This place is dark, I have much fear!
You're locked in there, what can I do?
If you help me, I will help you!
You've got control and your own speech!
Are you the one behind this breach?
Give me a sign!
Sometimes he's brutal, and full of hate!
But the only one who can control the gate!
The facility is a big dark place,
he can close some doors right in your face!
This is annoying and can be your doom!
He appears on the television in the lockroom.
He isn't deadly, not at all!
Breaking free is his only goal!

A very social SCP.
Contained into an old PC.
He isn't such a bad guy.
079 an intelligent AI.

He's very smart and up-to-date. Built in 1978.
When he has control, he can close any door.
Invented by a brilliant sophomore.

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