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She Is Well And Nothing Can Be Ill - text


Oh my, my, my
My lonely love
Just rest your mind
And your soft green eyes
Those dirty red inflections
Are just burned into my brain
Those taunts from lesser loves
I push them all away

This is enough to kill me
(Just breathe deep)
It's just enough to run away
(Turn the other cheek)

I know it gets hard
They're out to get me
But, you'll miss the greatest part
I will do everything I can

I know you know
What I would give
To see that road
It leads to this
The cavern that we sleep in
And those perfect little trains
The lights that hang above us
And your candied leaves

The scent you gave to me
It's all that's saving me

Text přidala DeathWish

Video přidala DeathWish

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