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My sister said keep movin child
if nothing will move i'll make it move for you
broken wrist and bruisin neck
i'll kill that man i'll kill that man
my sister said keep goin now run away
nothin will move until you see a clear plain
now its cold and dark the trees are bendin down
this house is a lie and i'll never forgive
i'll kill that man i'll kill that man
i'll hunt him down he'll understand what he's done to you
at first you will fail then you will recognise
the mistake was in giving what you never could own
you might be young now and you might be alone
you might have one thing that you do well
and people will tell you the world it looks this way
but they're all the same they're just useless waiting here
so hunt him down hunt him down
hold him close love that man
so love that man love that man
hold him close and say my name
now kill that man kill that man
and love endless
my sister said its endless

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