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Now he once left his mind in a room killing time
A few simple tools, a razor and twine
Changed his face to reflect his love dream
Then he left a red mark at the side at the sea
Now he, he's a friend of mind

And it seems like the air and the sea were combined
No distance between the water or sky
But I hear he sailed through here one last time
On his way drifting blind
And now he, he's a child of the sky

And it feels like a year or one hundred ago
He held the heart of the crowd smiling like slaughter for show
A creature in insane reaching for something divine
A lion of god and a killer of lives
But now he, he's the lover
That uncovers Jackie's spine

At the place that he ends now he's starting again
Shaping his chance and guiding the hand
Removing his body, dissolving a dream
For a world that's too smal for the secrets he keeps
And he, he's a lover
He's the sailor that discoveres
And he's touching
And he's flooding
The clear fibres
That incircles
Jackie's spine

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