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Let Your water rise, till we are drowning here in You Capsize in the tide of grace So let Your spirit soar, like a banner over us Please God of love come into this place

Draw us close, closer than before, there is nothing else we want more

Just to see Your face, and to feel Your embrace Wrap us with Your love and mercy, come fill us we are so thirsty For Your touch, God we need You so much, let Your glory fall like rain ‘Till We are washed, washed away in You, Jesus, I’m washed away in You
So let Your music play, we wanna dance with You There is nothing like Your song over us To we Your children sing we join the melody And with all of heaven we cry out

You are Holy Lord God Almighty, we are desperate, we are so hungry

Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, You were, You are and You are to come
Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, You were, You are and now we have come

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