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Sacre Bleu - text

She stood by the window inviting with a clear silhouette
I could not believe my own eyes so I turned a compete pirouette
She was still there, Sacre Bleu
Why is she carelessly touching her hair
What is she doing to me
Does she know
I went to her door and at the first touch it swung open wide
And before I could stop or go out to find somewhere to hide I was inside
And there she was, Sacre Bleu
She smiled and I knew that I wanted hers
We touched and the world exploded
Now I'm in this prison accused of a bad case of rape
I've told the story but the truth is much to hard to take, I can't escape
What has she done to me, Sacre Bleu
They call me an animal and brand me a cad
But I'm just a gullible lad
She's had and I've been had

Text přidal Hrubfr13

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