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Delta Man (Where I'm Comin' From) - text

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This is a song about change, you see
We say many things about the changing aspects of our lives
We say that since change is inevitable, we should direct the change
Rather than simply continue to go through the change
We sing a song of revolution as change
To the brothers in the Caribbean and Africa,
Where I'm Coming from
Early in the mornin' I heard the call of the crow.
He said "C'mon now Brother, I want you to fly with me.
Can't you see, it's time to go?"
I been working on this delta underneath the burnin' sun.
Seem like a Mississippi revolution feel like where I'm coming from.
Brother man run to Nebraska after the Civil War was through.
He worked with his hands, he worked on the land alla his life--
nothin' else he know to do.
Rootin'-tootin', wild-west-shootin'-up Brothers!
Though His story don't teach us none.
Seem like a Wild West Revolution oughta be where I'm comin' from.
Brother man raised on welfare
He live his life in the heart of the city.
Among the junkies and the desperate people
he learned about life without pity.
But he's just been thinkin' and waitin' and thinkin' and waitin',
know his chance was bound to come.
Seem like big city revolution oughta be where I'm comin' from.
The point I'm trying to make, movin' from place to place and time to time
(is that) vibrations that bring on new vibrations
is all that's on peoples minds.
(They tell me) Don't be 'fraid of revolution!
It ain't nothin' but change and change is surely bound to come.
Put a little revolution in your life
and you'll understand where I'm comin' from.

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