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We Got (feat. DJ Big Ryde & Skrapz) - text


Hustlers is out soon yeah
So lets keep the ting moving
To H
Obviously do this ting you're bossing you get me
So it's only right, that we linked up with Skrapz, you get me
Cah he come out of jail
He jumped on the rap ting
He's mashing it up right now, you get me
So hear what I'm saying
You see right now, it's straight murking
The hardest shit out

Bomb, I ain't got the moves like Jagger (nah)
You ever see shutters (shutters)? I move like Spragga
In my whip, listening to French Montana
357 (ummm), black bandana
Cocaine in a duffel bag in the boot
Yo it came from Ghana (straight), hold tight Nana
Any time my niggas touch down in the booth
It's a straight up banger (banger), swear down brother (brother)
I've done a lot of dirt for my team, ask Bada (ask Bada)
357, in my jeans all summer (all summer)
I break down bricks into Zs in the trap (ummm)
Then I make two phone calls, drop it on the runner (drop it on the runner)
Everybody knows what I'm on, I'm a gunner (I'm a gunner)
See me on your ends in a Benz, take cover (bang)
Search me boss, I'll make moves when I wanna
Hollow tips in my clip, I'm gonna turn man a goner
My nigga Super's got the 40 caliber to snap a nigga
Like a camera, the trigger give an automatic dosage (boss)
My niggas all ferocious, everybody know this
You'll always hear me screaming free Jazzi, he's the closest (boss)
Catch me in the kitchen with some dope, I'm the dopest (boss)
Duffel bag straps, I'm the opposite of hopeless
Back in 06, you would've seen me in a Focus
You'll soon see me pull up in a Bimmer with the sofas (boss)
Blackjack ting, I get rid of the jokers
I used to buy packs and distribute it to the smokers
Now I buy packs and distribute it to my soldiers
I told my young bucks to start moving like your olders (olders)
Take this rucksack and put it on your shoulders (shoulders)
And always check your rear view for the rollers (rollers)
And just remember money is the motive
We're heading to the top, just in case you never noticed

We got the rocks, we got the rocks rolling
We got them rocks, we got the flocks phoning
Eat off the top and watch the prof roll in (jheez)
Back of the net like ch, slip that goal in

He's got the spot, he's got the spot (yeah)
He's got the Yak, she's got Ciroc (Ciroc)
Breeze off the Glock, squeeze off the Glock (yeah)
He's not as hot, he got forgot (forgot)
He's not the boss
When we roll up on man, we popped it off
We're too grown up for man, let's pop the Scotch (yes)
They're just donuts for man, you're wash, you're wash (you're washed)
The shot of your clap take man's hand off
Niggas ride at em with gangster-like stanos (stanos)
I'm talking a strap to strap stand-off
Niggas get clap, I'm back, the rap mammoth (umm!)
We're back to just rolling
We got the crack, the packs are just flowing in
We don't respond to prats, we disown him
Knock down them pricks like pins, this shit's bowling (jheez!)
That man just kept phoning
Before on apps, I check my shit's roaming (roaming)
We don't beat round the bush, I just told him
Ain't got the Ps, it's not for disclosing (oof)
Had to lock up the trap, the shop's closing
Then I took hold of this rap and just owned him (owned him)
Man who got pushed to the side, just postponed him
Niggas went like the machine, I push close him ('low it)
Wish man would stop moaning
Ain't me that chose this path, I'm just chosen
I'm like that sleeping giant that's been woken
Light up my ganja spliff and sip potion (potion)

We got the rocks, we got the rocks rolling
We got them rocks, we got the flocks phoning
Eat off the top and watch the prof roll in
Back of the net like ch, slip that goal in

Ahh, shit man I told you man
That's what happens when two bosses link up you know
So big up Skrapz, don't forget Skrapz Is Back Part 2 out now
Make sure you look out for 80's Baby, out soon yeah
So let's keep the ting moving

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