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Turnt - text


Fuck all that turn up the headphones shit
But turn up my headphones anyway

Turned gangster
Sir gone up the main road
Run up and stay low
Dirt, straight family
First, they know the mandem
Man was really Black Gang (Foot forward)
Now everybody's Batman
Work and roll up
Skrrt, just pop off the whole ting
No head yutes, just pop off your whole gym
Pop off the whole block
And just lock up the whole team
This rap game, I'ma lock up the whole ting
Just tape off the seesaw, and lock up the whole swing
See all the gold there, lock off the whole bling
I just knock knock and go in
They won't knock us with no sting
And take the flame, man change the game
Man take the bitch, man take the blame
He ain't a G, man ain't a slave
Man got the strap, man ain't afraid
Nerds, wankers, jerks, dig that too
I'm with that woop
Big bad wolf
I'm hurt, man snake me
Four Percs, considered at fault
Look at that whip
Consider that bought
Sick of that talk
Cuttin' that steak, stickin' that fork
Niggas get shape up, clippin' that short
Niggas get drape up, lift up that course
Niggas get shake up, nigga, of course
Niggas tryna take it, niggas off course
Niggas get tape up, took him on tour
Nigga get back back, nigga that's yours
Splurt, haha, dig that too
I'm with that woop
It's the big bad wolf

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

Big Bad

Giggs texty

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