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Peligro (feat. Dave) - text


Yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let's start it off like this, nice and easy

Confer with the linguo
Weed smoke, but don't open the window
Light up, man's smokin' the Indo
Click-clack, door open and bingo
Two straps, named Jimbo and Ringo
Pink top, I stepped out in flamingo
Big boss, I stepped out with a bimbo
And I hate to lose, but feels nice when you win though
I clocked the damage
English boy just came through, nigga, what's the panic?
Clocked the "what the fuck"s and nigga clocked the "dammit!"s
Fuck that geezer, fuck that game and fuck that marriage
Man's just cheeky, man's just neeky, plus embarrassed
Why's he even speaking or discussing talent?
Man can't even breathe in his disgusting palace
Man can't even leave when niggas buck that ballad
Better aim for respect, cuz
Aim for the cheque, blud, better aim for the neck, cuz
Just take out a next yout, then take out a next one
Eat up a man's food, then eat up a next one
Lost the strap? Then take up a next gun
You're about as fake as the next yout, and he's as fake as the next one
I just switched that whip, I gotta bait up a next one
I just make me a hit, and make up a next one

I clocked the damage
English boy just came through, nigga shocked the planet
What you talkin' about?
Trust me
Oh, they thought it was just me?
We got bare shit over there, man, you get me?

Tell my man come off the road
Go get a job and salary
Them man sell Diet Coke
That food's got zero calories
Them jewels look jiggerdy-jaggerdy
That diamond's got zero clarity
I don't wanna get pissed off
See a man lift off, that's zero gravity
Anyway, actually
Who's that girl with her back to me?
I was gonna move to her then, but I left it
Let the convo come naturally
Then, man ah just run that casually
Big cougar ting on all fours
Man, it feels like I've got a tiger tryna tackle me
She said: "you're a little cub, don't fight it"
Fam, I could've lost my vision
Ask Hus, the punder was blindin'
Now a lot of man are talking violent
Everybody's been out here ridin'
But manna just call them Simba
Dem man are just kings of lying
Dem man are just lyin' kings
They ain't coppin' no diamond rings
And fuck your Swarovski crystals
They ain't putting no white in cling
They ain't givin' out light and dark, or dark or light, or either thing
Your Mr. still pickin' up Qs
M-R, that's a minor risk
Remember when man came through
Not one of them girls were flirtin'
'Til Jus pulled up in a Jurgen Klopp BM
That's an angry German
Man are not bad in person
I'm with guys that are ridin' solo
That'll do it like Ralph Lauren
That's one long stick and a blacked out polo
Two brownin's wanna come to the Vale
Like "David, when you gonna send that postcode?"
Tell her meet me at the station, no location, everyting local
25 minutes on tube, everyting cool, everyting sorted
And the girl that I linked was peng
But her friend ain't nice so everyting awkward

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