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Montana Style - text


57, nigga, man might Smith & Wess' it
This is Pecky, nigga, do not disrespec it
Get the cig and Rizla, man, that kush aggressive
Bitches get me hardest when that pussy presses
Crazy bitch gave me her number, email, two addresses
By two o'clock, I threw a message
Made Becky's dreams and ruined Jess's
Left the whip at home, just came through in S's
I ain't gonna beat a nigga's whip, nigga, you ain't guessing
You ain't effing with them gully niggas, watch who you addressing
Flew in, blessings, yeah, we do it first, we don't do it second
Do it best and I might call that bitch for a screwing session
Man was water-sipping, then just caught him slipping
Keep that 45 so we can 45th him
Break a quarter brick and get that quarter whipping
Man had Twitter beef and then it's auto-snitching
Man just fought a bitch as man a saw a bitching
Man just bought a picture and just thought of pitching
Man just brought a brick inside that naughty kitchen
Then brought the altered whip, cut the corner dipping
I just caught a chick and just fought her fishing
I ain't gonna water nuttin' down, nigga, I ain't tripping
Try and live inside a lion's den where them lions sitting
I ain't gonna give a man a chance, get that iron ripping
I'm just hype, nigga, niggas hike-hitching
My trigger finger's itching, nigga, I ain't itching
I did it right, niggas dig it, I ain't switching
I hit it like boom bye bye, you bitches

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Video přidal DevilDan


Giggs texty

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