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(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes - text


Right now I'm gonna gas up cassava (cassava)
Pecknam back up to Gaza (Gaza)
If a man mash up the harder (what)
Bare gunshots rap up a barber (hmmm)
Mans lost it, sick of no hospice
See that ho's offspring, he gets hold hostage
Man'll roll over there niggas no cross bridge
Niggas so fucked up, he don't know what's his
Real gangsters, nigga no softies
Shit'll get turvy, when it gets topsy
Then I get tipsy, then it gets toxic
Yeah I made tick-tock, but I don't wear watches
She so sexy, looking so foxy
But she so gets me and niggas so watch me (so watch me)
Man niggas' so blotchy, mans hating so they so what me (haha)
Little Nigga don't watch me, killing little niggas so softly (softly)
I've been swimming on these niggas so Lochte
You little breakfast niggas so frosty

Is it gangsta?
Is it gangsta?
Is it gangsta?
(Yes, Yes, Yes)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes... YEEEEEEEEEES!

Let me take it back up to Scotland (yeah)
Birmingham and, dun'know we got them (got them)
If a man act up we top them (what)
Bare gunshot, pap pa we drop them (yeah)
Man's F'd now, this how man gets down
Tell a man left now 'cos I got guests round (hahaha)
'Cos I go so hard they think I gone left now
So I called Ronson, then I brought Sess round
Man's dressed up, but I look dressed down
Coz I'm so swagged up, niggas upset now
Chilling on Bond street I think I gone West now
Got a not guilty I'm feeling so blessed now
First things first think I want sex now
Man's so broke need to get cheques now
Seven months locked up and I got debts now
Little bit stressed but feeling success now
But I can't help feeling so stressed out
'Cos there's a lot of other shit that I left out
I hope my nigga Jones gets out
Just a little insight to what my set's about

Is it gangsta?
Is it gangsta?
Is it gangsta?
(Yes, Yes, Yes)

No diggity
There all feeling a nigga, come on there digging me
My trigger finger real fidgety (hahaha)
So liberties

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