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Hey Style - text


Level fam
Get what I'm saying
It's that new shit, STR8 MURKIN
That nigga Giggs
You might know him as Hollowman
It's me, big mo'fucking Ryde
They know what time it is when we link up, you get me
So H, you get what I'm saying
You came into the game, won a BET
No promotion nothing, and you still going strong
And how much years later is it

They ain't even seeing it, we stumblin' niggas
They ain't even seeing what's in front of niggas
A and to the P with a bunch of niggas
Tell em you see 'em we should jump them niggas
My set's bless-ed, think it all started from a text message
Forget guesses, I couldn't even tell you what my next step is
Trap house, forget brekkie
Aimed at Rachael over there yeah she just met me
Light skin Claire, yeah she just text me
Stretch jeans, yeah she dress sexy
They ain't even playin' yeah we [?] niggas
They ain't even claiming what they done to niggas
Next deal bet the cheques hefty
Cute face but the breasts swept me
Always jump for extra
I heard they ran up on your uncle Dexter
Got her one or two thing when you're a gun collector
Dub played man a bun selector
They ain't even, they ain't even
That scale says that it's weighing even
Niggas prayin' on that food, let them stay at eat 'em
They're hungry, they ain't eaten
Straps out nigga, stay and meet 'em
A baseball bat, they gon' spary and beat 'em
Accident emergency, they gon' A&E them
Mouth shut, don't even say a reason
All out, this the playa season
Moneys up or moneys down, man they lay it decent
Real shit man the way it deepens
Hide out we ain't playin' seek 'em
When them boys roll up, you can't sway and speach 'em
Ill shit, so we lay it Beechams
When I mention characters, I weren't saying tweet them

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Video přidal DevilDan


Giggs texty

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