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Still Alive (Feat.Matt Honeycutt) - text

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All life lay ahead and every road led home
You stand by me shoulder to shoulder
Looking back
All of it has happened so fast
It's all a blur
I'll always stay thankful for the past
And look forward to the future
This life has thrown us curves
But it's worth every lesson we've learned
Thick or thin
Through good and bad
I will stand up for you in the end
Is this the last real taste of innocence
Or the first real taste of life
The memories we hold are helping us survive
The memories we hold onto are keeping us alive
All life lay ahead and every road led home
You stood by me shoulder to shoulder
Years go by Im getting older
But we'll stand together shoulder to shoulder
My Brother My Friend
Remember how simple life used to be
Nothing could stop us from who we wanted to be
Stay Young Stay Free

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  • V písni účinkuje Matt Honeycutt z kapely Kublai Khan. (LimeCZ)



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