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Maternity (Feat. Justice Tripp) - text

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In my twenty-one years of living
I have never felt so helpless
Your agony is leaving me restless
I don't know how much more I can take
I can feel you slipping away
Growing farther and farther apart
Your absence is leaving me in the dark
It's been years since I've even seen you
The only thing I've heard is about the hell that you've been through
The demons that you fight are the ones I fight too
I've done all I could just to bring her back
Mother I've done all I could to bring you back
We're growing older as the years they pass
Just bring her home God bring her home
You've got it in you
I'm living proof
It's been five long years since I've danced with the Devil
I want the same for you but you have to want it too
And I'll always be proud to be your son
But my sole intent is to see that His will is done
Your absence is leaving me in the dark

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  • V písni účinkuje Justice Tripp z kapely Trapped Under Ice. (LimeCZ)



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