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Faceless you remain to me but your actions did not go unseen
Do you think I'll ever forget that night when you took my mother away from me?
The only woman I could trust
The only woman who understood who I really was
But I'm growing older and with each passing day I learn the world gets colder and
I learn everything that happens has a meaning has a purpose
God it's taken me years and years and years
To finally be able to say that I am over this
I've lived for far too long in the shadows of my own hatred
How can you forgive me if I cant even forgive myself
I can only hope
That I will get the chance
To tell you all of this
Face to face
I can only imagine the pain that you are going through
Knowing of the grief and emptiness you put this family through
How could I be so selfish to think that I was the only one affected
Just know that in my eyes you are forgiven

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