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The last kind words I heard my dad say
Lord the last kind words I heard my daddy say
If I die, if I die, in the German war
I want you to send my body, send it to my mother, Lord
If I get killed, if I get killed, please don't bury my soul
I prefer, just leave me out, let the buzzards eat me whole
When you see me comin', look 'cross the rich man's field
If I don't bring you flowers I'll bring you bolted meal
I went to the deadbolt, I looked up at the stars
Cried some train don't come, there'll be some walkin' done
Well my mama, she told me, just before she died
Lord, my precious daughter, don't you be so wry
The Mississippi River, you know it's deep and wide
I can stand right here, see my babe from the other side
What you do to me, baby, it never gets out of me
I may not see you after I cross the deep blue sea

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Tomorrow is My Turn

Rhiannon Giddens texty

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