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Bright arm of light through the curtains
Swept silhouettes on velvet seats
I believed you then, I believe you still
Flashback a story unfurls
Grew up along the clay hills
Born, Where the river and winter, spills onto the plain
Spotlight illuminates our cheeks
I trace our differences
Your birth was purchased, mine was an accident
The theater organ plays
How you long for the dead
How your brother bled a creek
From his wrist to the drain
Hours before the curtain call
I send of every flare
I tried hard, fail, I try again
Pivot way to be a part
And tell you I deserve nothing
You love me still
Land as soft as we began
You'll never be the fun drunk
I’ll never be the one
In a white paper dress
Now till your audience
Beauty in sad and we'll undress
Darkness never bothered us
Hours before the curtain call
You send of every flare
You tried hard, fail, you try again
Pivot way to be a part
And tell me you deserve nothing
I love you still

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