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Wretched ft. ROZZ DYLIAMS [Bonus Track] - text



Coming from another realm I'm a work of fiction and I'm never coming back I'm running back into the mind of Howard
Lovecraft plague mask in the back gas is irrelevant I'm traveling on fuel from the shadow of Hephaestus flames
Crafting a blade for me so I may faithfully
Run up in to WBC and
Decapitate anything that I see
Funny how ignorance makes me so mean
When a mothafucka believe anything he read or
See on TV
Knee deep into propaganda better pop a hand of xans
If you're too pussy to handle your life like a man I
Can't relate I'm on another plane
Can somebody tell me how to live and breathe and die a mortal way
Ima lost cause really
Never gna wanna belong pardon while I burn sage
Everything I read leads me to believe maybe one day Ima be apart of something so much greater than me
When I perish
Get the kerosene and
Burn me to oblivion but don't make a scene
I need privacy so the prophecy may be complete and i merge with the mages of ethereality
Count on me when I am finally free I will watch you while scrying in the sea

[Rozz Dyliams]

Underground catatonia
I found a scroll in Rome from a secret map I found in Macedonia
Fuck this music, I don't got the time to even hate cause I got secret service people from the Vatican approachin bruh
Whatchu tellin me?
Ill shoot an apple off your wifeys head and miss
And hit the bitch in the head like William lee
A murderous 8th dimension night breed killa Dylan be
Clip on my hip and the chip on my shoulder
Turned into the monster that's next to me
Bloodline illuminati 666 lizard people all around me man
Rozzy really bout to take a trip to North Korea
And come back a brand new man
Coming back and foundin Dylananastan
To build a wall to separate me from the stans
Bitches wanna hold my hand but they dont even know about the demo of my favorite band
Dylan got the stamina to keep it goin
90s baby getting buck like Pretty Tony
I don't got no time for phony rap baloney
We gone fuck the bitch and have a ceremony
Mask on face, weapons in my place
A hundred million bodies Ima concentrate
Anybody with a cheerful disposition
Who believe in heaven might just meet their fate
Dylan throw it, tell the bitch to go wide
Fuck around, participate in homicide
From sea to shining sea, a Christian holocaust
A pagan neo-judaistic genocide
Yesterday, I got so fumin angry that
I stabbed myself, in the thigh, with a fork
Whatchu know about the wretched wicked shit?
Like the atrocities of Malachi York
Busted and dusted, like an angel that just lost its way
And we all gone die anyway so fuck it, mane
Mind gone straight lost in a fog of haze
Two brothers from the housing authority
Came to take your kids and dogs away

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