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Wishers Lose Copper Dreamers Lose Everything - text


It started last night when I ate a tab
She gave me top till her throat sore
I thought I was living in happy land
Then I woke up it was all gone

I sunk to the bottom the floor of the ocean
I woke up the body of Plato
He showed me Atlantean holy land
And gave me the key to mankind's hope

I wanted to say so many things but I never did
I wanted to say that you're the reason I escaped my sins

I would do pills if they made the pain go away
But you know they don't
Popping and snorting ain't nothing but bandaids
Rip it off and you got no hope

Going 85 in a 65 tryna make my way on through the night
Red and blue lights right behind me make me think back to those crucial nights in a Miami county cell where I realized that I will become somebody not a waste of a body violence isn't the way

I don't want to be
So I'll drown in the lake
I tried everything
But I'm still not really free
Drown in the lake
We all drown in the lake
Wishers lost a penny
Dreamers lost everything

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