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All these punk mothafuckas don't know
They runnin their mouth like I won't kick in their door
All these punk mothafuckas hitting my phone
They think we boys but I never seen you at one of my shows

See I been fuckin up my life no joke
Tatted my face, quit my job, went broke
But I been lovin every day a little more
When you hear that wooden block, you know it's only Ghoste

Made in the image of what they call Satan the blade is serrated and decapitating the brain of sedated and awaiting heads
Never to let them think freely again
Put em in an underwater grave
Better pay your attention to what I am about to say
Fuck what your friends say
Fuck what the man say

I been licking venom off my gums
Gettin' faded off the blood of my girl
I cut her on the face, she told me "more"
She got red on my grandma floor
Bitch I'm draped in Ghost Supply head to toe
Y'all were sleepin I dont want your damn clothes
My chick gonna seduce your damn girl
We tag teamin like we wrestle for the belt

Lay down your soul (Venom)

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Video přidala DayBreakBell

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