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Starshot w/ WAVY JONE$ - text


Every day I'm going insane
I'm like if rage and animosity had children
and got a great big house up on a mountain made of doubt and hate
and then just burned it all down so they could start it again

Burn Everything To The Ground


born alone living life on my own
death grabbed a hold of me my heart turned to stone
my blood is cold and my thoughts not my own
i cant remember but i know that you know
everyones lost
everybody a fake
stuck in a rat race in a world full of snakes
fuck everything
fuck the lies on your tv screen
fuck everyone
ima die so your fate can be no more


Don't let me go out alone


i watched the world fall apart from me
i looked as far as my i eyes can see
dont wanna know why i feel this way
i wanna die for you steal your pain

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Video přidala DayBreakBell

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