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Somewhere Between Happiness And The Bottom Of.. - text


Dear Dad,

I never got the chance to say goodbye
Let alone spend a day with you without a fight in the months leading up to the end of your life
We were both sick and bed-ridden I remember that night
Momma said "Daddy is gone"
"I tried to wake him but he won't his skin was ice cold"
Called 911 with my phone
And with the blink of an eye my life changed I was grown

How can you leave me alone
But fuck what I feel bitch you left my lil brother alone
Momma sold all that she owns
Just to take brother and make a new home in the north east

Yet again I'm alone
Packed my belongings into my ford Taurus and watched boy meets world in what was our family room

Never again will we sit all together

Never again will we all live together

Youre gone

When you left I was free
Yet you still haunt me

Sitting in the dark inside these four white walls
And I keep
Thinkin about how everything is all my fault
And I think
What happened to everything I thought I knew
And I think
Why should someone care if i don't

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