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Scrying Through Shattered Glass - text


I don't need no gats I just swing on em
Put the fear of God in a pussy boy, got a hex on him
I don't need no gats I just swing on em
Yung Crowley knock em out, cut em up, put a price on em

I been trippin off of 25i outta my damn mind
Prefer the psilocybe but right now its hard to find
I spoke to Hermes and he told me that I'm doin fine
Said never listen to a mothafucka past his prime
You listen to me but you listen with a closed mind
You think I am the devil but I just got open eyes
Nobody give a fuck about your favorite rapper mane
I'm kickin back bumpin Burzum while he Twitter rages
I'm reppin Kreep cuz I'm never taking orders mane
I cheated death. I suggest you do the very same.

I was never nothing everybody think I'm something now
What happened to all the hate
Listen when I speak I'm bout to drop the knowledge on your plate
Fuck anybody that say you can't do shit. One day they'll be suckin your dick
Rest in peace Manly P. Hall
Without you I wouldn't be shit

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