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Plague Dr Mask II - text


When I got my mask on
I kreep in another dimension alone and I know just where to go
Had to go
To the unknown pad of Plato
To find me a stitch of the knowledge that so many today ignore
But how to enlighten the people that don't pay attention to nothing but drama
Shaman Ima
Become another one to carry on the word of T. McKenna
Centered bene-
Ficiary to a sacred method
Path of awakening baking my pineal gland in ectoplasm
We fuck till we necrogasm
While under the force of an unknown plant a fantasy come true

Deep in the light an eternal fixation of Atum consumes
The path of internal light is at my feet just below the sole of my shoes

I would never wanna be immortal on this little planet
Because of the way that life come and then go death is only the beginning

Put em in a hole in the ground

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