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Pentacles w/ Omen XIII & Killstation - text


[Omen XIII]

I got bodies in my closet
Skeletons been stackin up
Aint no money in my wallet
But my paypal traffic up.
I been sellin by the band
band tee's on my back
back streets, with my boys
boys creepin, fuck the noise.
We don't care bout what you heard
Play with fire you gon burn.
Bitch I'm swervin round the curve with murder sermons on my nerves
We don't care bout what you think.
Actin tough just shows you weak.
I know you been losin sleep.
I know it's all because of me.

I know it's all because of me.


Baphomet spoke to me
Told me listen to me
All of the answers I seek
Are all the answers in me
I look intently at the night sky wondering why I'm here

Yung crowley
Run up in a residential area then take a mothafucka daughter back
To the black cave
Tie her to the wall she told me never let her go and ima make her sip the blood of yet another young dame

I got my plague mask
(Got my plague mask and ill summon lavey)
In the center of the star
(Center the star I speak and you obey)
Put the snake on her neck
(Snake on her neck she's the live altar babe)
Let us pray to the dark
(Pray to the dark the light only betrays)

I know it's all because of me

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