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Cult of Thoth - text


I'm chewing on psilocybe I'm gone
Shuttin off my phone
I don't need one of those where I'm gonna go
Escaping all of my holds
I'm lickin on Lucy like she my chick
Ion wanna talk to no bitch I got mother nature calling me in
Tryna wash away all my sins
Im seeing like purple green and that's it
Peakin on a mountain
I'm tryna get back in touch with my kin
Speak to Hermes again
Im lickin on Lucy like she my chick
Light incense with my Bic
I'm tryna get back in touch with the dead
God Anubis ahead
Gonna weigh my heart and see I'm fit
To come kick it with Osiris
So I'm tryna get free of all of my sin
So I won't get eaten by Ammit

I think I might get lost in my head
Close my eyes again I'm telling you
Listen with intent
Hair standing up on your neck
I think I got goosebumps again
Escaping out of my skin
I never wanna be on Earth here again
Bout to make my final ascent

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