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Blackmage - text


Bitch I'm breakin out my mothafuckin chains I'm a black mage
I'm never gna rep no shit but kreep, now I'm out the cage
I'm shittin all over the rules you gave, and now I turn the page
I'm a way better man than I'm ever gna be when all I can do is obey
I'm taking your blood and now I'm painting a circle around my feet
Protecting me from Aiwas and dæmons in his company
You never gna be like me so bitch go get your own steez
You never gna see what I see I'm the K R double E P the reincarnated beast

I am a mistake
And I really don't have a solid end-game
All I really wanna be
Is a monk in a stone monastery
I am a mistake
And I really don't have a solid end-game
I meditate all day
Contemplate how I'm gna leave this place

I don't
I don't know where to go but up
Just can't seem to get my fix of a good life
One where I don't need to break ties

Don't recycle just get rid of everything you hate

Kreepin through the gates of an unknown place
I can feel my heart race
And my blood leave my face
I'm about to welcome change
with a fresh embrace
About to decapitate another useless piece of waste
I'm a kreep
I don't weep
I never sleep
ima freak
Counting sheep
I don't know sympathy

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