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I'm driving to the Burbs
and before I'm coming back
I'm pulling in your driveway
and I'm rolling front to back
I'm shifting forward
than reverse my car a bunch
Asi f my Subaru's a wiener
getting sexy with your cul-de-sac
L-O-L-O-L-O-L I'm from the avenue
A rapping labradoodle,
half a wasp and half a jew
If you's a Saturday cartoon
I'll smack ya black and blue
I'm acking ratchet with Daffy Duck
and snacking on rabbit stew
Yabba dabba do
I gotta lick my lips
Smoke a bowl with Yogi bear
I'm sticking up your pic-a-nics
All of this is in my head
my maginations colorful
Crayons on the brain,
I'll scribble silly shit all on my skull
Holly cow, I don't think
they're gonna hold me down
I recommend you listen to the record
in the theater with the Dolby sound
And I'm sipping on the couldest round
with the preppies and the Goldie locks
But i bet a bunch of 100'
everybody gonna scatter any minute
when police knocks
Like "Sorry officer,
that getting sloshed occurred
but rastas broke in
and they made us all smoke lots of herb"
I'm sorry, Honest Abe
Popo don't make me way way
Cause if you ever try to lock me up
I'm pleading cray cray
And then they'll all say mayday
Mayday, oh, what did we do
He be creepy givin' me
the heeby jeebies,
he be Hebrew, he be robo
beep boop beep
please untie me
he's behind me
What's 50 grand to a motherfucker like me
can you please remind me?

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