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Verse 1
Cause I'm a bachelor
So Fuck attachin a
label to life we're living and imagine a
future where we won't be living in the past
I'll be flipping birds like a chicken breast on a spatula
so if you're bragging then you can forget it
And if it thunders and if it rains and pours, let it
And in the morning then it'll hit you that George said it
They gave him a fuck, he returned it for store credit
but don't be sore yet
If you got a score, settle it
cause it's more pleasure with
Fun before etiquette
Get up on the table and pour your drinks
get it, but
don't be boneheaded
it's for your own benefit
I'll be getting open and seeking my seventh heaven irreverent, while you be seeking a reverend or Pope Benedict
you got a stick where the sun don't shine?
well that's fine
But remember that

Verse 2
all I wanna do is get my mind right
if I'm looking at tomorrow check my eyesight
all i'm gonna focus on's this fine night
cause all I know this life is finite
never neverland isn't more than a legend and so I gotta be digging the present session and getting this
wedging myself up into the wettest crevices, effortless
grabbing a piece of the flesh, if you love it then why fight
some people slower than a nineties modem
wanna see the nips, it's a while to loadem
if life is a woman she's got some epic titties and I wanna get up in it and live it and motorboatem
Cause I wanna see the cool and the classy
And I wanna see the cruel and the nasty
Cause if it's real shit
Lemme feel it
And if you can't deal

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