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Anarchist and i kissed her back

Apogee to perigee so damaging
Apogee to perigee youre paralyzed
Apogee to perigee try standing and come with me

Second comings coming coming gunning out your stereo
Killing christ again and giving him a proper burial
Here we go around the merry-go-round of political spin
All hypocritical biblical apocalyptic sin
Its fucking brainwash
Too scared to face your own mortality?
Ink a book in fallacy well market false reality
Formalities of corporate politics (all triple six)
'cause underneath oethe cloth innocence is sucking dick
And this immaculate conceptions mathematical deception
Problematical obsession to fanatical aggression
But now weve got our guns cocked lock stock and barreled
Faiths lies take lives
Welcome to the real world

Man behind the podium teaching you a lesson
Stressing 'cause hes sweating about the one hes been molesting
But this particular pedophile he has the lords blessings
And his sins will be forgiven when he confesses them in confession
Never question them just follow
Heavens begging you to swallow
You may never see tomorrow
But at least youll be leaving hollowed out
Im calling out all you real thinkers
Get your hands upWhen I say..!
When I say..!
When I say..!
Come on everybody in the party get the fuck up!
Come on everybody in the b... get the fuck up!

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