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Let's take a trip through the darkness in all of us
Our final destination shall remain anonymous
We're creeping through the forest
Down the path to No More Consequences
Hiding from the ghosts
And the goblins
And our skeletons
You never know when your time is up
You never know when you're going to die
So say your prayers and pack your bags and kiss the ones you love goodbye
Now follow me down into the deep
Who knows what we will find?
Come on let's take a trip to a place-
Where the sun don't shine

I am on my way

I am walking through the valley of the shadow of eternal darkness
Hopping over coffins
Often stopping, talking to the carcass
One particular one caught my eye-
It was the angel's body
Opened up her eyes
Fantasizing got me thinking naughty
Now she's got me looking over my shoulder
Offered me her sin for my soul
So I told her,
If you can share your body baby,
I can share the wine
Come on let's take a trip to a place-
Where the sun don't shine

I am on my way
I am all alone in the dark
In the dark
Dark as night

I've never had a God
I don't need one
Anyone can see that I am right where I want to be
You've never had a heart
You don't need one
Anyone can tell that you're just another pretty shell

You- will- not- see- God- when- you- die

I am on my way

I am racing to escape my fate
I take it Satan's got my number
Armageddon's coming
Overhead I hear the rolling thunder
I've given away my hate
Now I must state what I'm about
I'll do whatever it takes to make this statement
Face it, faith is fake

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